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The Vacation Rental Industry is worth more than $100 Billion and by 2020 Vacation Rental homes with Topple Hotels! 

Why choose F.F.P?

Your Vacation Home's interior is of With over 40 years combined Vacation Rental Design experience, we understand Would you go to a dentist if you had the flu? So why would you use a furniture store, or company with no professional Vacation rental design experience to furnish your vacation home investment ?

Qualified and Data Driven

Our team features professional Interior Designers, who know not only what looks good, but what will appeal to renters and will last in the rental market.
Our team features Data Analyst, who monitor information that helps us provided Data Driven Designs. We even know what color walls attracts the most renters! 

Custom Designs

You can have as much or as little input into the design process as you wish. Each design is carefully curated for your home, floor plan and whether the home will be active on the vacation rental market, or a personal retreat.  We create design board for each space in your home, so you can see everything before your purchase. We want you to be happy and your home to be successful.

Studies also show that interior design of a home can influence mood and reports that renters expect an increase in quality of their short term rental. 

70% of vacation rental guests chose a rental property because of the interior design. 

Photos of your home are your main marketing tool. So if you are purchasing a home to MAKE money, MAKE the right choice and invest as much as possible into your homes interior design. 

Great Furniture Package  = Great Photos = Great Rentals = Great Return on your investment!

Great Interior Design leads to more attention and interest in your property which can ultimately lead to more income for you, the owner. 

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